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Clove District 2 I do not own this photo

Isabelle Fuhrman is an American actress. She is well known for her role in the horror film Orphan and her role in the Hunger Games as Clove. When she first auditioned for a part in the Hunger Games the part was Katniss Everdeen. But she was to young for the part and was offered the part of Clove. Isabelle's sister is singer/songwriter Mandeline Fuhrman, along with her mother Elina Fuhrman a journalist. Her father though is in politics and buisness. With her backround in Orphan it makes Isabelle the perfect choice for Clove.&nbsp

Clove comes from District 2 and is a Career Tribute. Clove is skilled in knife throwing. Clove is Katniss's most dreaded female rival. Clove makes the first kill of the games to a boy from District 9 with a knife in his back. Clove intends for Katniss to be the second kill but luckly the knife finds the backpack on her back not her back. Clove trys to get rid of her again but at the feast given to all tributes left. But this time Clove wants to give the audience a show. Clove trys to cut up Katniss's face. But Thresh steps in and leaves a dent in Clove's skull witha rock, killing her.

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